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Logo site   Vendredi 25 avril 2008, par cdi

Genetic link to smoking addiction

Scientists discovered that there is a link between smoking addiction and genetics. Three independent teams draw the same conclusion from their research : a variation on chromosome 15 provokes lung cancer. Although the variation is common, it happens most of the time in a person who has smoked or whose parents have smoked. If both your parents have smoked, and if you get the genetics variant from each parent, the risk of lung cancer is raised by 70%. But, if you have just one variant, the risk stabilizes around 28%.

Moreover, this variant also makes people more addicted to tobacco once they start smoking. The more you smoke, the more you are likely to have a variant on chromosome 15. As a consequence, the more you are likely to develop cancer. Today, we can say for certain that a link between genetics and smoking addiction really exists. This new knowledge reminds us how unhealthy smoking is. (Today, smoking and passive smoking cause mine out of ten lung cancers.) Now, the challenge consists in understanding the full mechanism that causes lung cancer.

Julien - Maxence (Term SI)

French at odds with their president !!!!!

So incredible !!! Have you heard about the crisis that is happening in france ??

Something that hadn’t happened for a long time. Indeed, dear President Sarkozy who came last week in our country is really badly appreciated by the French people ! His first year as president was a nearly total catastrophe. He failed in reaching the goals he wanted to reach, and lost the confidence of the French. From a lot of French politicians or critics points of view, most of the people who elected him last year are also desappointed by his acts and results (if any results...).

This is a paradox when we see how congenial he was for his official presidencial visit. Every English person seemed to appreciate him because he and his wife left a good impression on people (mostly his wife...). Carla Bruni-Sarkosy, the French First Lady had a perfect gait and way of being with her very smart two piece suit ( that contrats with her nude pictures !).

Even if it’s a little bit too much, here’s the result !


On the 23th of March 2008, Alain Bernard won the ½ final of the european swimming championship. Nevertheless, his rival, Filippo Magnini, accused him of doping. « Bernard has found the adequate vitamin », the italian swimmer declared. It’s the second case of doping in March after the golf championship incident. But, what’s the reason which makes sportsmen take drugs ? According to a CNRS researcher, there are 4 reasons for it : to inscrease the muscles oxygenation to avoid being tired to obtain morphological modifications to fight against stress Moreover, doping is a complicated and controversial problem. Of course it’s very important for the global economy and politics because since 1980’s, many people have invested in sport. 380 billion euros are invested in it every year and it represents 2,5% of the global trade. Doping has been developped since sport has become professionnal in as much as it has become a business. However, new ways of doping are appearing and we can’t really know nowadays if someone has taken drugs or not. But we also know that progress in equipement allows sportsmen like Bernard with his SPEEDO wet suit to win and to establish new records.

R. Rosamont – G. Toutin (Term SI2)